The Dark Side of Shimmering Wax

The Dark Side of Shimmering Wax

  “Why does your wax melt not have the ‘pretty swirl’?”

We hear this question repeatedly from our wonderful customers. While the glittery wave is satisfying to look at, the ‘pretty swirl’ becomes less and less satisfying when we take a deeper glance into its origin.

“All That Glitters is Not Gold”

When we first began our wax making journey- mica powder was frequently mentioned as a beautiful addition in melts for its shine and pearl-like effect. The mineral comes in a large variety of colours, hues, and is generally inexpensive. Perhaps this is the reason why it is frequently found not only in wax melts, but in many cosmetics, and skincare products. While mica powder is deemed “safe” for people to use, “safety” is the last thing considered when the product is being sourced. 

In 2017, ITV News conducted an investigation where they discovered more than 75% of India's mica production is illegally sourced with child labour. Investigators discovered children as young as six were performing the extremely dangerous job of mining the substance. The conditions are so unstable for the children that an average of 5-10 deaths occur per month in these mines, although casualties are predicted to be much higher as reporting the incident is unfavourable to the cartels who run them.

So, what can we do?

We may not have the power to put an end to the cruelty, but as a producer and a consumer, we have a say in what products we support.

Devon Wick’s core principle has always been focused on quality and sustainability. No matter how trendy or cheap the wax “swirl” may be, we will never compromise our values when it comes to ethically sourced goods.

We believe our wax melts are beautiful as is with biodegradable glitter made from trees sourced from environmentally responsible plantations. But we believe what makes our wax the most beautiful is that they can be enjoyed knowing that no ethics or morals were sacrificed at any point in their production.



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