Devon Wick's Year in Lockdown

Devon Wick's Year in Lockdown

Listening to the news, it seems like there is light at the end of the tunnel after all. In just a few short months, England may be looking at something that resembles “normal” once again. This happy news has made us reflect on the past year and the life of Devon Wick.

When Devon Wick began, we were just a small business with a big idea. We brought this dream to life just months before time seemed to have stopped for the world. I quit my full-time job and we hired our first employee in February, and not even two weeks later the world was in lockdown.

For a moment we feared that Devon Wick was over before it ever properly started, but we not only survived; we thrived through it all. We found that wax melts were doing much more than just fragrancing the house, but they were making the home more comforting for those inside.

“When it dawned on me that we were going to be inside for a long time I decided to make the best of it,” a customer wrote to us. “I can’t change the circumstances, but I can make a big difference in my own home with something as small as a £2.50 snap bar.”

Last week a customer wrote to us that melting helps her counter some of her homesickness. "Different scents remind me of different family members and friends," she said.  

Another customer wrote, “Using wax melts helps with my mental health, I find them very calming.” Another fan added that in a time where there was not much to look forward to, she could always count on the days for her wax melt delivery.

We know that snap bars are not the “cure” to a rough day and we know there is no amount of fragrance in the world that could make us forget this tragic year, but we see now how a small pleasure can make a big difference in our lives. We may not be able to spend much time outside the home, so making the home we are in a bit more comforting has proven to be more important than ever.

Thank you for letting us bring some light into your home when things never looked darker. Very soon we will all be free from the walls of our house, but our products will always be there for you to come home to.

- Craig & Sophie

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