Collection: Reed Diffusers

If you’re looking to add scents and fragrances to your home or office without any open flame or smoke, you need to check out the reed diffuser sticks we carry here at Devon Wick!

These natural, easy to use sets allow you to disperse your favourite smells without any hazardous chemicals or fumes associated with a burning candle wick, or even melting wax in a melter.

And, they provide a unique aesthetic that homeowners love! And lucky enough for you, we have a diverse selection of different scents and types to choose from. Our understated, modern diffusers will be a welcome addition to any setting.
What Is A Reed Diffuser?

While these look like some sort of incense setup, these actually are very different. A reed diffuser is a way to add fragrance to a room safely and evenly.

It won’t overwhelm your senses like a soy candle or wax melter might - it is far more subtle and natural smelling. For this reason, many people actually prefer them to other fragrance options.

The methodology behind these is a tried and true wicking system. It consists of three main components, each of which is crucial to providing fragrance:

The Jar/Container - this is the base of these diffusers, holding both the essential oil fragrance and the reeds. These tend to be very decorative, and there are different styles to fit different aesthetics.

The Essential Oil Fragrance - inside the jar or container will be an essential oil fragrance. This is a liquid perfume essentially, and is what provides the smell around the room.

The Sticks Or Reeds - these are what allow the fragrance within the jar to be dispersed around the room. The bottom of them is fully immersed in the essential oil, and the top half extends out of the jar.

These three components work together to release fragrance into the air via wick. The reeds suck up the essential oil fragrance, and it travels up the sticks, releasing into the room.
Do These Actually Work?

Many people look at these contraptions and are skeptical. Do these actually work? The short answer is yes!

The long answer is that in some cases, these actually are a better option than candles or wax melts. The reason why is the consistency of fragrance that these reeds provide.

Unlike wax melts or candles, these provide continuous, consistent aroma from the time you set the sticks into the jar and activate the scent. You don’t turn them off, or blow out a flame.
What Are The Benefits Of Reed Diffuser Sticks?

We’ve briefly touched on some of the benefits of these natural fragrance producers already, but we want to go in depth on them now. We’ll start with the long-lasting, consistent scent these provide.
Long Lasting, Low Maintenance Fragrance

Many people wonder how long the fragrance of these lasts. Well, when you purchase them here at Devon Wick, you can set them up and get a low maintenance fragrance that lasts as long as 2-3 months! There are no candles or wax melts that will offer this!
These Are Safer & Healthier Than Other Fragrances

Another thing we’ve mentioned is the safety these offer, so let’s point out some specific health benefits these offer.

For one, there is no open flame like with a candle. It’s rare, but candles have certainly caused their fair share of house fires.

If nothing else, the smoke from candles as well as incense can put chemicals out into the air that you then inhale. Of course, soy candles and wax melts are still very safe - but not everyone uses these over the lesser paraffin counterparts.
How To Use Reed Diffuser Sticks

These look really simple to use, so how do you set them up and get the fragrance bursting in your room? There is no on/off switch like an electric wax melter, and no wick to ignite like a candle.

Instead, you simply set it up wherever you want to provide the most fragrance - ideally, in an open room. Many users like to put these in an entryway. Because they aren’t super powerful, it’s nice to get a whiff anytime you enter a room.

In terms of adding the oil to your jar, follow directions carefully. Most manufacturers provide recommendations on how much to add at a time.

Every so often, you should flip the reeds over and insert the other end into the jar. This will intensify the fragrance for a bit.

Once you have it set up, you can enjoy the aroma with no hassles or maintenance really required! But, here are some tips and tricks you should know of.
Tips & Tricks For Using A Reed Diffuser

We recommend first considering what size diffuser you need for your room. If it’s a huge room, you’ll struggle to smell a tiny little set. Conversely, using a large setup in a small room would be overkill.

Always take into consideration other people or animals in your home. While these are perfectly safe on their own, you don’t want any pets or children ingesting the essential oils within these, or hurting themselves with the reeds.

We also encourage you to set your diffuser on a coaster, so there is no scratching on the bottom of it, or spillage of essential oils.
Can You Reuse Reed Diffuser Sticks?

Many people try to get the most out of these by reusing the reeds. Are these sticks truly reusable?

The answer is, it depends! If you’re going to be using the same scent, you may be able to get away with this. Although, most often these are sold as a complete scent, so you are better off using the fresh sticks that come with it.

But if you’re trying to use a new scent, you should not attempt to reuse the same reeds. This will create “cross contamination” of aromas, as the old reeds are full saturated with a different oil.
Where To Buy Reed Diffuser Sticks In The UK

If you’re looking to buy reed diffuser sticks in the UK, you cannot go wrong with Devon Wick. We are an industry leader in natural scents and fragrances in the United Kingdom.

Our products provide long lasting scent - far outlasting the competition, so you know your money is being spent on the best possible option.

We put our customers and the impact we leave on the environment first, striving to produce quality, eco friendly, handmade products. Grab yours now and see what the hype is all about!