The Story of Devon Wick

Devon Wick was only a thought at the start of September 2019.

From buying candles and wax melts we knew there wasn't really anyone who wasn't wrapping everything in plastic, especially at an affordable price. So we decided we should start Devon Wick to fill that gap. We really wanted to be more conscious over the environment than our competitors, but we also didn't want to charge a premium for doing it.

We had researched how to make candles and started testing different fragrance and waxes. Our first products were wood wick tin candles, we started with 8 different scents (most of which are still on our website in wax melts.)

Our very first candle we sold was on the 27th of October 2019, after nearly 2 months of hard work it was an amazing feeling when we got our first sale!

In January 2020 we decided to focus more on the wax melts. Being wax melt users ourselves we knew that they were more affordable and stronger than candles. We did our research on what types of packaging we could use, everywhere we looked we could just find either plastic pots or plastic bags. We knew there had to be an alternative, glassine paper bags. We started to bring out more fragrances in our snap bars that we knew people would love! This has been a firm favourite and is still our best seller to this day!

February 2020 was a very important month, Sophie was in the position to leave her job and work on Devon Wick full time. Little did we know this was going to happen so soon after starting Devon Wick.

March 2020 was another very important month, we'd made the decision that us two could no longer cope with the growth on our own. At the start of March, we hired Janine (our production manager) who was a colleague of Sophie's at her old job. Janine started with us a couple weeks before lockdown. We didn't really know how serious this was all going to get. Watching the news we were getting worried about what the future of Devon Wick was, if we'd have to close and for how long? It was a stressful time for us, having hired our first employee and being dependent on the business, we thought it was going to be over before it could properly begin.

April 2020 we continued to grow, we were fortunate that warehouses didn't have to close for the lockdown. We managed to get by with keeping our distance and using a lot of hard to get hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes. This is where our team grew again with Lynne joining us, who was packaging our stock ready to go onto shelves.

May 2020 was one of our biggest decisions, we needed a new warehouse to cope with the rate we were growing. We'd previously been in the corner of a warehouse but now needed our own much larger place we could call home. We moved to a 4000sqft warehouse in Faraday Mill, Plymouth. This place was huge compared to what we had before. Everyone was worried how we were going to fill this place, we had so much room!
Over the summer we continued to grow, hiring more staff, filling our huge warehouse with stock, pouring tables and people. We had a hard time keeping up with demand, I'm sure some of you will remember there were always 10-20 scents out of stock each day. We couldn't make our wax melts quick enough!
Fast forwarding to November 2020, we never imagined to have as many staff and customers as we did. Every month was a record breaking month, the team managed to make, pack and ship out more than the month before!

From a thought created on our sofa to our own premises. We pour, pack and dispatch all our orders by hand. Every candle and wax melt is hand poured and packaged in recyclable boxes. Minimizing the impact our business has on the environment in every way possible using recyclable packaging as our main focus. Quality will always be put before profit we strive to create a sustainable product.

Thank you for taking the time to find out a bit more about us!


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