Wholesale Wax Melts

We are a rapidly growing and independent UK business! We hand make all of our products in our workshop in Plymouth, Devon. We use natural soy wax and high quality fragrance oils for all of our products.

We're the UK's fastest growing Wax Melt and Candle Company, we source as much as we can locally and hold the Made in Britain badge.

Wether you're a shop, hair salon, online retailer we're sure you and your customers will love our products!

Apply by filling out below to get our Wholesale Wax Melts and we'll get an account opened for you within 1 working day.


If you’re looking for candle wholesale suppliers in the UK that not only offers incredible pricing for you and your business, but puts the customer first - look no further than Devon Wick.

We offer premium, hand poured soy candles at wholesale prices. To sign up, click the button below and fill out some information about you and your business!

Whether you’re buying candles in bulk to sell in your boutique, or you own a salon or shop and you’re looking to spruce it up with some delicious, natural scents - we can help you.

With a variety of fragrances, you can stock up on some of your favorites and keep things fresh, rotating in new smells so your return customers are always having a positive, unique experience.

Where Can I Buy Wholesale Wax Melts?

With so many options out there, it can be tough to decide where to buy wholesale wax melts. Everyone claims to be the best, so how do you decide who’s worth giving your business to?

In our opinion the most important thing to determine is whether or not they put their customers first. This is as easy as looking at their manufacturing process and the ingredients they use in their fragrances.

If they’re using ingredients that could be harmful to either the customer or the environment, they are clearly putting their bottom line before the customer - and you should avoid them like the plague.

It’s cheaper to use low quality, unnatural ingredients like paraffin wax for candles, and you can make more money doing so. But that’s not what we’re after here at Devon Wick.

Across our entire catalog, our products are sourced from plant based ingredients - nothing made in a lab. 

Our candles are derived from organic soy, so you don’t have to worry about inhaling harmful toxins associated with paraffin candles.

Why Use Devon Wick As Your Wax Melts Wholesale Suppliers?

We are certainly not the only wax melt wholesale supplier, and yet, so many choose to do business with us over the competition. Why is that?

We hand pour our candles using the finest natural soy wax available. The wellbeing of our customers is the most important thing to us, so we source only the finest ingredients across our entire catalog.

That’s right - we aren’t just candle suppliers with wholesale pricing - we also offer wholesale pricing on a few other types of fragrance too!

What Else Is Available At Wholesale Pricing?

We offer a complete line of fragrances on our store, ranging from melters to reed diffusers. But, a couple of these are actually also available at wholesale pricing - our snap bars & sleepy spray.

Our snap bars are just bars of scented wax melts. They work in your wax melter to provide long lasting natural fragrance.

When you buy snap bars, you’re able to get the most bang for your buck. We offer a wide range of different fragrances, and like our candles, these are derived from organic soy wax. As we’ve mentioned a few times, we always put the health of our customers first!

Our dreamy spray is a great option for those who struggle to fall asleep at night. If you have clients who report tossing and turning night after night, this could be their solution. With lavender and chamomile fragrance, just 1-3 sprays over your pillow a day keeps the insomnia away! 

How to Sign Up For Our Candle Wholesale Suppliers Program

Choosing us over the rest of the candle suppliers with wholesale pricing is worth it just because of how simple we make it - not to mention our quality and affordability.

We don’t need much - we just need to know who you are, and what type of business you have, along with where you plan to sell our products of course.

One thing to note is that we only work with trade customers. We won’t allow anyone to use our branding for their own gain, or insinuating we are collaborating together. 

With that said, we will sometimes supply to closed groups - with the exception that you do not use our name or logo. The best way to find out if we are a good fit for each other is to reach out and see!