remove used wax from wax warmer

How to remove used wax melts from your warmer!

Changing the used wax in a wax warmer is one thing that everyone seems to want to know, and how to do it without making a mess!

If you are new to using wax melts and wax warmers and are unsure on how to remove the used wax from them without making a mess, you have come to the right place. Here, at Devon Wick, we have created this list of three easy ways to remove used melts from your warmer.

3 Methods to Remove Used Wax

Traditional Method

There are two traditional ways to remove used wax: hot or cold, also known as liquid or hard.

If your warmer has been on and the wax is melted (liquid), use two cotton balls to absorb the liquid wax and dispose of them. This method is perfect for warmers without a removable lid or plugins. Once the cotton balls have absorbed the melted wax, wipe what is left with a paper towel.

If the wax has cooled down and hardened, we recommend you turn the warmer back on to loosen the wax and you can remove it as a solid piece. By warming the wax up again the melt can slide out in a single piece, without breaking. If it does not, you could also use a scrapper to avoid burning your fingers and wipe down the warmer with a paper towel once you have removed the wax.

Use Your Freezer

This may sound crazy at first, but using your freezer is one of the cleanest ways of removing used wax from your warmer.

Simply place your warmer in the freezer for ten to twenty minutes. The wax will become solid and shrink in this time, popping out of your wax-melter. All you need to do then is wipe the dish clean with a paper towel and you are ready to go again.

Please if using the glass dishes do not use this method as it risks smashing them.

The freezer makes changing wax melts easy and clean!

A Simple Ribbon

If you don’t have a liner or want an easy to use solution to removing wax from your warmer, then look no further than for a ribbon or a piece of string. A ribbon is more recommended as it is wider and therefore less likely to break the wax.

Once you have enjoyed the sweet fragrances of your wax melts and there is only liquid in your warmer, drop a ribbon or piece of string into the liquid wax. Let the wax cool and solidify, then use the ribbon to pull out the solid piece of wax. If the wax breaks, then pick out the broken pieces. Finish by giving your warmer a wipe with a paper towel and you are ready to go again!

Let Us Know

These are our three best and easiest ways to remove used wax melts from your wax warmer. If you know any other ways of removing wax from your warmer without making a mess, please share with us on our social media!

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