The Gift Guide for EVERYONE on Your List

The Gift Guide for EVERYONE on Your List

We won’t lie, gift shopping is stressful. The in-laws are fussy, your sister can be snooty, your gen-z niece is not impressed by anything, and your eco-conscious auntie always complains.

Breathe, sis. We’ve been there too.

We know you’re juggling it all, so let us help you find the perfect present for even the pickiest person on your list.

Here’s the ultimate Devon Wick gift guide that ensures your present is a memorable one that will impress everyone on your shopping list.


Gifts for: the wax melt addict


It’s the friend who probably introduced you to wax melting isn’t it? How are you supposed to give a scent to someone whose house already smells like fresh laundry and a bakery?

We’re sure they’ve melted Snow Pixie a million times, but have they tried Snowberry Fizz (Snow Pixie melted with Cranberry Fizz) or perhaps Blueberry Sheets (Blueberry Burst mixed with Between the Sheets)?

They can have an endless combination of scents like these with the Duo Melter. This unique melter has separate compartments in it's melting dish which allows you to mix-and-match different wax melts to create your own scent combination. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

BONUS: The Duo Melter is on sale right now for £12.99


lustre duo melter in centre with snow pixie soy wax melt. star lustre melter and home sweet home soy wax melter behind it.

Gifts for: that person who you have no idea what they actually like


So you have to give a gift... but you honestly don't know them that well..

Let me guess, you drew the newest employee for secret Santa? Your kid’s teacher needs a gift? You know a guest is bringing a present, but you don't have anything prepared? Don’t worry, we’ve all been a bit clueless when it comes to certain people on our list.

We all know that people can be picky when it comes to gift-giving, especially when guessing someone's favourite scents. This is exactly why we have a list of our most customer- approved wax melts. We created this no-fail option by taking a poll from 2,000 of our most avid melters. Here are the results:

Best Laundry Wax Melt: Rose Wonderland (also available in candle)

Best Fruity Wax Melt: Plum Bum (also available in candle and reed diffuser)

Best Perfume/ Cologne Wax Melt: Belle

Best Sweet Wax Melt: Cherry Bakewell 

Best Dupe Wax Melt: Baby Powder

Best Wax Melt Overall: Snow Pixie  (see the full collection of this #1 seller here)

If you’re unsure of what people may like, this list is a guarantee win. 

See ALL wax melts here

soy wax melts being held in hands over a table of apples and other wax melts

Gift for: the person who needs to relax

Dreamy Pillow Spray

Is there a better present than the gift of a good night's sleep? Dreamy Pillow Spray is the ideal present for the friend who does it all. It shows that you recognize how busy they have been with work and family life (especially now in the holidays) and you want them well rested. With just 1-3 sprays over one's pillow, the lavender and chamomile scents will help even the most restless mind gently drift off to the land of nod.

Bonus gift for this person: BATH BOMBS! Giving a bath bomb is more than a fizzy treat. It’s the perfect excuse to make the busiest of friends take a 30 minute self care moment to themselves.

dreamy pillow spray in a bed of purple flowerspink rose wonderland bath bomb and purple plum bum bath bomb


The Gift: The will make them say "Oh wow!"

Soy Candles

Before you write off giving a candle (because you heard it was cliche), we want you to stop and think about where you spend the majority of your days- especially in the past 2 years.

Give the gift of a cosy and calm atmosphere. For many of us, the scenery within our walls rarely change, but with one whiff of a luxury candle you can completely change the room. Our range of candles make the perfect gift for anyone and shows that you care enough to provide a luxury aroma in the place they spend their days .In fact, choosing the right candle can show just how well you know your friend and what they like.

And did you know our brains can remember 50,000 scents? With a specially picked soy candy you can either transfer your person to a memory from long ago or create a new memory with the special scent you've introduced them to this Christmas. 

four Christmas scented soy candles


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