Snow Pixie Snap Bar Wax Melts

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With this magical, sweet fragrance, you can whisk away to a land where cotton candy grows on trees and pixies take trips across the sky. A juicy, and refreshingly sweet blend with hints of bubblegum, banana, pear drops, musk, and vanilla. Resting on a light fluffy base of sweet sugary cotton candy. 

Our wax melts are designed to be long-lasting and strongly scented. Our snap bars make perfect gifts for loved ones or simply to fill your own home with beautiful fragrance.

Size: 50g
Burn Time: Up to 60-90 Hours
How To: We Recommend using two squares at a time. Two squares will last 12-18 hours 

Snow Pixie Snap Bar Wax Melts

£2.50 £3.00

Customer Reviews

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Jemma Miller-Fisher
The best wax melts

Snow Pixie is by far my favourite and probably a lot of other people's too. The scents of all the wax melts fill the room and last for a long time. Would highly recommend

debbie Cooke
Smells amazing

The smell was amazing, long lasting over two days before I changed to new melts.
I preferred this sent in my bedroom/bathroom

Mavis Taylor
Snow pixie

Lovely aroma lingers around days after waxmelts are not on, will definitely buy again.

Rachel Chapman
Great wax melts

Smells incredible great price defo recommend!

Hilda Rooney

Snow Pixie Snap Bar Wax Melts