Rose Wonderland Reed Diffuser


This Reed Diffuser is scented in Rose Wonderland - Wander through a Rose Wonderland with this clean and uplifting fragrance. Leaving a wintery but cosy freshness around the home. An uplifting scent with sweet orange, fresh rose, white musk and precious woods. 

Our handmade diffusers are perfect for any space in your home! A low maintenance scent diffuser that will last 2-3 months!

Comes in a printed box with reeds, a perfect gift!


Brand new box & bottle. These are now 100% vegan, along with all of our other products.

please note: tea light in picture not included

Rose Wonderland Reed Diffuser


Customer Reviews

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Sarah Coggins
Rose Wonderland

I really liked these Reed diffusers when I purchased them before as they give out a great smell and the smell lasts. This is def still the case regarding the smell! But I’m really disappointed that the bottles have changed hence why I’ve given a low rating. The new bottles look very much like refills and in my opinion don’t look as attractive as the previous ones. You now just screw off the lid and insert the reeds, but because the neck of this bottle is wider I’m worried it would be easier to knock over and spilt. Even though these diffusers still have the same great smell and I’m sure will last as long as before, the change in bottles have now put me off buying them and I have been buying them for a while. I’m lucky that I hadn’t already thrown my old diffusers away as I’ve now washed them out, refilled them and inserted the new reeds. I hate leaving a bad review as I’ve always highly rated Devon wick products and I will still be buying your melts, I’m just disappointed in the change and I don’t think I’ll be the only one.
Please bring the old bottles back? Or is it possible to sell both with the new design being a refill?

Long lasting

Wouldn’t buy Reed diffusers from anywhere else. The scent is strong but not overpowering and long lasting.

Gail Blades
Rosey Posey

Great diffuser. Smells just like the melt. Have it in our downstairs loo. So gets lots of comments. Love all things Devon wick never fails to disappoint 😀❤️

Last order.

Rose wonderland reed diffuser amazing!! have been really pleased with all my orders.thankyou.

Samantha Williams
Love it!

I’ve had this diffuser in my bathroom for about 3 weeks now and it still smells just as amazing as when it was new and still has loads of life in it yet!
I’ve had compliments from friends and family saying it smells so good in my bathroom! Will definitely be buying another.