Electric Melters

An electric wax melter is a low maintenance method of adding fragrance to your room with a nice unique design element. While tealight melters are great, they are more work and won’t provide the same level of aroma that a plug in warmer would!

That’s why so many people turn to Devon Wick for an electric wax warmer in the UK. We offer so many different designs and styles, one of them is sure to be your new favourite addition to your home.

While you may have gone nose blind to the natural scent in your house, your guests haven’t - that’s why you need one of these to produce a pleasant smell throughout your home.

What Is An Electric Wax Melter?

An electric wax melter is simply a plug-in wax melting device. These are one type of wax melter, with the other category being tealight warmers.

An electric version is far more efficient, and generally more popular. These rely on either a bulb inside the base of the melter to warm the wax or a heating plate inside the collection dish.

In our opinion, the version featuring a small bulb is better, because this also provides light! Most melters are designed to add a unique light in your space along with fragrance.

Do Electric Wax Warmers Work As Well As Tealight Melters?

Between the two types of wax warmers, which is better - electric or tealight? The answer is, it depends on what you want!

For the most part, this is a personal preference. Some prefer the antique, unique ambience a tealight melter provides. These use a tealight candle as a source of heat to warm the collection plate.

But the problem with these is they aren’t as efficient as electric wax warmers. You can simply plug these in and get to melting immediately. A tealight melter on the other hand will only melt as quickly as the tiny little candle inside the warmer will allow. 

And for those who like to leave these on overnight or while they are not in the room, tealight melters are problematic. Not only do they present an open flame, the small tealight candles only last so long.

Are Electric Wax Melt Burners Safe?

There has been no shortage of concern regarding the safety of wax melts in general. When you purchase your fragrances through us, though, this isn’t a concern.

We use premium soy wax for our candles and melts, so you don’t have to worry about ingesting any nasty carcinogens associated with burning paraffin. We hand make all our candles, and put our customers and the environment first!

However, what about electric wax melt burners themselves - are these safe? In terms of the device itself, yes, these are perfectly safe. Unlike candles, there is no open flame associated with burning wax. This eliminates most of the safety concerns.

To take it a step further, though, melting wax also doesn’t provide any smoke, like burning incense might. In terms of fragrances, you really can’t get much safer than these!

Is It Safe To Leave A Plug In Electric Wax Warmer On All Night?

Many of our customers wonder, is it safe to leave a plug in electric wax warmer on all night?

They want to leave their electric wax melter on all night to wake up each morning to a room filled with your favourite aroma, and what better way to start a day than that?

And because there is no open flame, there is really nothing to worry about, right? Unfortunately, this is not exactly safe. We don't recommend you leave your melter on overnight.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy An Electric Wax Melt Burner In The UK?

If you’re looking for an electric wax melt burner in the UK, you are going to likely end up overwhelmed with the sheer number of options you have online and in stores near you.

Just like we mentioned at the beginning of this page, choosing between electric wax melt burners really just comes down to personal preference. 

These can be very artistic pieces of decor in your home, so you’ll want to find one you genuinely enjoy looking at and can see fitting on your nightstand, desk, or coffee table.

But, bear in mind that not all electric wax melter in the UK are not created equal. If you buy a low-quality electric melter, you run the risk of breaking it much easier. You also should consider the quality of the electronics in your device, as that is the primary concern when shopping for one of these.

If you’re unsure where to get started, there is one brand you can consistently rely on to provide a quality electric candle wax melter that will stand the test of time.

Why Devon Wick Has The Best Electric Wax Melter Collection In The UK

Without a doubt, Devon Wick produces the best electric wax warmer in the UK. Putting the health of our customers and the environment first, we are the #1 fragrance and home decor brand in the United Kingdom.

Our beautiful, unique selection of electric wax melt burners will wow any guests that set foot in your home, and will keep your room smelling fresh. These are some of the best ways to set the mood, providing a glorious ambience and aroma at the same time.

Grab yours today, and also grab all the fragrances you need to spruce up your home at the same time - you’ll be glad you shopped with us!

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