How do wax melts work?

How do wax melts work?

Many people enjoy using traditional soy candles to create a warm, friendly ambiance in their rooms. But are these the best way to fill your home with a delicious aroma?

Most people think of candles when they think of home fragrances. There are, however, alternative ways to enjoy warm, delightful scents besides lighting a candle.

Today, we'll discuss the beauty of the wax melt. We'll cover what these little scented tarts are, and why so many prefer them to the traditional candle or other aromatherapy styles.

We'll help you understand how these work, how to get the most out of them, and where to find the safest, highest quality wax melts online. We've got a lot to cover, so let's not waste any more time!

What Are Wax Melts?

In essence, wax melts are wickless candles. A scented wax that you melt in a wax warmer (electric or tea light) and then release a stronger and more consistent smell than a candle once melted.

Wax melting is more efficient because you're melting at a greater, more consistent temperature and vaporizing the aroma.

This is, however, where you must pay attention.

Not all wax melts are the same.

The Importance Of Only Using Premium Quality Wax Melts

If you're going to burn something in your house, whether it's candles or wax melts, be aware that some can be pretty detrimental to your health.

In fact, the vast majority of wax melts, are manufactured with paraffin wax.

If you're not sure what the distinction is, here it is:

The waste products left behind from the production of petroleum are used to make paraffin wax. That's correct, the filthy, poisonous waste, and it doesn't end there. Because these waste products are so nasty, they are bleached to make them white, making them even more harmful.

This is not ordinary bleach (which is usually 5 to 10% strength), but 100% bleach, which is exceedingly dangerous in and of itself.

Headaches, nausea, lung disease, digestive issues, and many other dreadful side effects have all been linked to paraffin-based wax products. Don't be fooled: paraffin is poisonous. It shouldn't be breathed in, whether it's disguised as mineral wax or softened as "food-grade paraffin."

Stick to natural waxes like soy wax, coconut wax, or beeswax-based products if you're going to use wax melts.

Devon Wick is the only brand worth mentioning if you are looking for the best wax melts in the UK. We still handcraft our items and prioritize our consumers and the environment. We'll talk more about our specific lineup in a moment - first, we want to cover the topic at hand.

What Is the Difference Between Wax Melts and Candles?

Here's something to consider if you're trying to select between candles and wax melts. You may be as inventive as you want with wax melts.

You can easily play around with them by blending two or more distinct fragrances to create your unique scent.

For example, to make your bespoke fragrance, combine a piece of Fresh Citrus wax melt with a part of Mandarin Sage wax melt. You are not limited to utilizing one scent at a time when using wax melts, so get creative, explore, and have fun mixing wax melts to create your custom perfumes.

There's also no flame with wax melts - meaning the danger of a candle-related fire is a non-issue. There is also no smoke with wax melts that can taint the delicious aroma you've cultivated while burning them.

Plus, wax melts provide a longer-lasting fragrance than most candles. They're cleaner, more discreet, and one of the best ways to set the ambiance in your home or office.

How Do Wax Melts Work? An Introduction To Using Scented Wax Tarts

Wax melting is incredibly popular, and it is the fastest-growing segment of the home fragrance industry.

Many people, however, are unaware of how exactly these work. Keep reading if you're new to wax melting and want to understand more about how they function.

#1. Intro to Wax Melt Warming

Everyone is familiar with the scented candle, which was the predecessor of the wax melt. A scented candle's mechanism is quite simple: while the candle burns, the wax melts, and then the mixed aroma is released.

The same notion applies to warming wax melts, which can be accomplished by utilizing a wax warmer and placing the wax melt in a melting tray.

Without using a flame, heat is provided from underneath, typically by a light bulb, and the wax gently melts, releasing the aroma oils that have been infused into it.

#2. Safety of Wax Melts

Wax melting (sometimes known as "warming" wax melts) is convenient to experience your favorite candle aroma. The advantage is that no flame is necessary at any moment.

This is significant since 25 household candle fires occur every day! People neglect to blow out their candles before going to bed or leaving the house, which causes the majority of these instances. In fact, to prevent the risk of fire, many apartment complexes and dorm rooms now forbid the use of scented candles.

These dangers can be avoided by melting wax by using a wax warmer from Devon Wick. A wax warmer can simply be turned on or off when retiring to bed or leaving the house. Our wax warmers have been tested and are either ETL, or UL approved, indicating that they are safe to leave on.

#3. Scent Control of Wax Melts

Aside from safety, there are additional advantages to melting. Because only a small amount of wax is added when you use the melter, the aroma can be controlled more frequently, and the amount of wax used per day can be limited.

This allows you to vary scents more regularly and, in some cases, even combine smells to create your own unique blends. Furthermore, because you're only using a small amount of wax at a time, this can be a more cost-effective approach to add fragrance to your home because less wax is used per melting session.

How To Use Wax Melts: Step By Step

Wax melts are uncomplicated, although they are a bit more challenging to use than candles. Whereas before you just had to ignite the wick and blow it out when you are done, you have to be a bit more strategic and technical to truly unlock all the power of wax melts.

So, how do you use these? We're here to tell you that it's as simple as a four-step process! Check it out.

Step 1: Choose Your Wax Melt.

Wax melts come in many sorts and varieties, with lots of choices. A rich and eco-friendly finish is achieved at Devon Wick where we use coconut wax exclusively, rather than paraffin wax, which is the norm for wax melts.

As you now know, you need to avoid anything other than natural, organic melts. Your health depends on it! Shop wisely.

Step 2: Now, You Need To Drop Your Wax in Your Wax Warmer.

Generally, 1-2 wax cubes or tarts will be sufficient to melt enough wax to fill your melter. This is the simplest method for starting the wax melting process.

Just drop your cube in, and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Switch on Your Melting Device.

If you're using an electric warmer, you should be able to turn it on with a switch or button. Start your wax warmer. Depending on the device you use, you'll either press a button, flip a switch - or in the case of the tea light warmer - light the candle underneath.

Once you've started your wax melt warmer, the wax will slowly melt, releasing a lovely perfume. One of our wax melts typically will last for about 90 hours!

With that said, you don't want to just leave wax warmers on for 90 straight hours. The beauty in wax melts is you can use them for just an hour or two at a time to fill the house with fragrance for the rest of the day or night!

As previously stated, your tea light should burn out after 4 hours, therefore it may be necessary to replace it. If you use an electric warmer that does not have a built-in timer, we recommend obtaining a timer plug so you don't forget to turn it off.

If you only want to burn your wax melt for an hour or two, let it set and re-burn it at a later time.

Step 4: Clean Your Burner and Remove the Wax.

If you've burned your wax tarts and are wondering why it no longer smells, you may be suffering from nose-blindness, but more likely, it's time to replace your melted wax.

So, what's the best way to empty wax warmers? To begin, ensure that your burner is cool to the touch.

After that, you have a few options for emptying your wax warmer. Some individuals like to melt the wax in a microwave for a few minutes until it's liquid, then soak it up with cotton balls and throw it away.

Others will heat the burner for a few seconds until the wax has softened slightly, then scoop it out and discard it.

Alternatively, re-usable popper liners can be used. For a less messy procedure, place a liner in the burner dish, pour in your melt, and then pop the solidified wax out when you're done.

Wipe the burner dish down with a paper towel or moist cloth once the wax has been removed. Cleaning chemicals should not be used because they may emit toxic fumes when burned.

If you do it right, removing the wax should be hassle-free. You're then able to try the next scent - or stick with the same one!

Find The Best Wax Melts, Warmers, And Other Natural Home Fragrance Essentials At Devon Wick!

You're hoping to create a luxurious fragrance that brings warmth and class to your house and permeates your life with a sense of indulgence. But, with so many options online - where do you turn to find high-quality, safe wax tarts and other natural home fragrances?

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You are always looking for that one certain aroma. Still, no matter how badly you want to, poking your nose into a bottle of your favorite fragrance doesn't always feel safe or handy. That's where we step in and take control!

Imagine if you could have your favorite fabric conditioner's scent or your favorite perfume's aroma wafting around your house.

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We also have other natural fragrances you're sure to love - including reed diffusers, room & linen sprays, bath bombs, and more. See what we have to offer, and discover for yourself why so many around the world absolutely love the Devon Wick brand!

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