Tips for Using Wax Tubs

Tips for Using Wax Tubs


After months of waiting for the correct packaging supplies, the Wax Tubs have made their return! 

If you’re new to wax tubs then you’re in for a waxy treat. This product is the best way to melt more wax with less waste. Each tub is filled with 300g of your favourite scent (that’s the equivalent of 6 snap bars). As they are one large wax melt, it creates less packaging and waste, opposed to buying separately packaged items.

WARNING: Our Wax Tubs are only for the wax-obsessed, one tub can last over 500 hours of fragrance!

To celebrate their return, we wanted to share with you our three best methods for removing wax from its tub.

Rating: 8/10

This is the safest way to remove small chunks of wax from your tub. We recommend using a sturdy silver spoon. With one hand gripping onto the tub, use the other to dig into the top of the hardened wax with the utensil. This will take a little pressure, but it produces nice and small amounts of wax to handle.

Rating: 9/10

Do not be intimidated by this one, as we believe it is the easiest and quickest method. If you are comfortable, grab a clean kitchen knife for this technique.

First, take the entire wax block out (this can be achieved by simply turning over the tub and sliding the contents out). Lay the large wax block on its side with one hand gripping the block. With the other hand, carefully shave off the desired amount of wax with your kitchen knife. This should take little ease and little pressure, but always be sure to cut in the direction away from yourself.

Rating: 10/10

This cutter isn’t just for potatoes anymore! This cutter is safe and effective due to its convienent handle and grip. Just as you would use for the cutting method, lay the large chunk of wax on its side and carefully cut shavings of wax from the block. 


Yay! Now it’s time to enjoy your new scent. Simply place the desired amount of wax into your wax melting dish (we recommend approximately 10 grams, or the size of 2 Snap Bar squares) and enjoy the long lasting aroma.

When you have finished the tub (500+ melting hours later), recycle the container and start melting your second tub - they are 2 for £16 after all!

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