Tealight Melter Safety Tips

Tealight Melter Safety Tips

Let’s Talk Tealight Safety

Following these rules will not only make the wax melt's scent last longer, but they can prevent you from any of your own “waxidents.”

Four Hour Tealights

Perhaps the most overlooked tip to follow when tealight melting is to only use 4-hour tealight candles. Any longer will make the wax too hot and ruin both the scent and possibly the melter itself.
Four-hour tealights create the perfect distance between the wax and flame for maximum fragrance release and a safer melt. Failure to use the 4-hour melters could have dangerous consequences.

white cream soy wax melter with tea lights

Only place the Candle in the Melter’s Base

It is by no mistake that all of our tealight melters come with a base for the candle. This base creates a protective layer between the flame and the surface top the melter is placed. Most of our tealight melters have the base connected to the rest of the melter, but for some, like our Matte Butterfly Melter, the two separate for candle placement. 

Safe Melting Location

If you’re anything like me, a melter can be found in nearly every room of your house. Melting can be enjoyed nearly everywhere, but do NOT ever place your melter near something that could easily catch fire. Always be cautious of how close your flame is to furniture, bedding, curtains, decorations, etc.

For the best melting experience, we recommend melting on a flat, flame resistant surface away from widows or draughts.
white wax melter on dinning table with wine glasses and four cubes of soy wax

Be Present for the Duration of the Melt

Two cubes will most likely fill your entire home with its scent, but it is important to remain in the same room for the duration of your melt. After all, it is an open flame and should never be left unattended. 
Along those lines, being in attendance will also allow you to be more vigilant of animals or children who should not go near the hot melter. 

Safe Melting is Happy Melting

We hope these tips were helpful for those new to Devon Wick and a healthy refresher for our experienced melters. If you have any more tips on how to enjoy the scents responsibly we’d love to hear from you.

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