How Do Wax Melters Work

How Do Wax Melters Work?

Wax melters are used to heat up wax cubes and release their scent. Unlike candles, you don't burn the wax to fragrance your room. Instead, you can choose from electric or tea light melters as your heat source.

An electric melter typically uses electricity or a light bulb to heat up the wax melts. A tea light melter uses a tea light candle placed under the wax melt dish to slowly heat it up. It's up to you to choose the type of melter that will work best for your needs. If you are using wax melts to be flame-free, then it's best to opt for an electric melter. If you want a nice ambiance of fragrance and light, then use a tea-lit warmer.

What are Wax Melters?

Wax melters warm wax cubes to fragrance the room or space they are in. They are an alternative to candles and are considered a safer aromatic experience. This is because there are electric wax warmers that do not require the use of an open flame to work.

Are All Wax Warmers the Same?

There are 2 different types of wax warmers; tea light and electric ones. One requires the heat from the tea light candle to warm up the wax and the other uses electricity or a lightbulb to produce heat.

Some wax melt brands make their own wax warmers that they recommend using together. They believe that for the best results you should use their wax warmer since the temperature is adjusted to the ingredients and composition of their melts.

Are Wax Melters Bad For You?

Wax warmers are not bad for you if you follow the instructions properly. Make sure that the warmer is appropriately placed and not turned on for too long. This will decrease the likelihood of any potential hazards when using a wax warmer.

The only way a wax warmer can be bad for you is by misuse and by using poorly made wax melts. Lots of companies use paraffin wax that contains chemicals like benzene that are believed to be unsafe for human consumption.

You should only shop for soy wax melts that are safe to breathe in the scent from. Devon Wick offers the best soy wax melts in the UK. They are hand-poured in Devon, highly scented, and last longer than the other leading brands. Not to mention how affordable they are! You can receive a high-quality wax melt at the best price available.

Where Do I Put My Wax Warmer?

Your wax warmer should be placed on a non-flammable surface that is away from any flammable materials as well. If you have children or pets in your household, it's best to place your wax warmer out of their reach. While doing this, ensure that the cord for your warmer is also safely placed to decrease the risk of knocking it over.

You can also read the instructions on the wax warmer's packaging for more information on how to safely use it and store it.

How Long Can You Leave a Wax Warmer On?

To find out how long you can leave your wax warmer on, you should check the instructions for the specific warmer. The length of time varies based on the type of the warmer and the type of tea light or lightbulb used. Some tea light warmers require the use of 4-hour tea light candles, meaning you should only use them for a maximum of 4 hours at a time.

Most electric warmers can be used for up to 10 hours. However, you wouldn't want to leave it on for that long if you want your fragrance to last. Leaving your warmer on for too long can cause the wax melts to burn out prematurely because of the high temperature.

Once you are satisfied with the amount of fragrance in your room, you should turn off the warmer.

Can I Leave my Wax Warmer on Overnight?

It is not safe to leave a wax warmer on overnight. Although, wax warmers are generally safer than candles there still is some risk in leaving them on for too long. A tea light warmer still requires the use of an open flame and therefore can cause a fire. However, this type of warmer usually doesn't last for more than 4-8 hours because it extinguishes itself.

As for an electric warmer, you have to turn it off. The risks associated with leaving an electric warmer on all day are; electrical wire damage, overheating, and more. It's always better to be safe than sorry and turn off your warmer once you are done using it.

How Often Should You Change Wax Melts?

Wax melts should be swapped out once they no longer release fragrance when warming them. The burn time, or how long the wax melt will provide fragrance, depends on the temperature of your melter and the type of wax melt.

For cheaper and lower quality wax melts, you can expect 5-8 hours for 2 cubes. With luxury soy wax melts, like the ones from Devon Wick, you can expect 12-18 hours of burn time.

How Do You Get Wax Out of a Wax Melter?

You have a few different options when it comes to cleaning the wax out of your wax warmer. First, you can wait until the wax has completely melted into a liquid and dump it into the trash. Or, you can use cotton balls to absorb the liquid wax. Then wipe down any excess wax and you'll be ready to use your wax warmer for a new scent!

The other way people get wax out of their wax warmers is by waiting until the wax has completely hardened. Then they will use a plastic spoon or knife to scrape it out. This can be dangerous, so please err on the side of caution if you decide to try this method.

Lastly, if your wax warmer is small enough, you can place it in the freezer. Your warmer should be turned off and cool before placing it in the freezer. This will help the wax harden, making it easier to pop it out in one piece.

What are the Best Wax Warmers?

For handcrafted high-quality wax melters, look no further than Devon Wick. They have a nice range of different designs to choose from that are perfect for any room. Whether you are looking for a more minimalist style or something that stands out, Devon Wick has it all.

You also get 2 free wax melt snap bars with your purchase of a wax melter. It's the perfect way to begin your aromatic journey.

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