Can You Reuse Wax Melts

Can You Reuse Wax Melts?

Wax melts are reusable up until their smell is gone. You can continuously heat your wax warmer and use the same melts for hours to enjoy their scent. The fragrance will slowly start to fade with use until you can no longer smell it anymore. Once the smell is gone, it's time for a new wax melt.

How many times can wax melts be reused?

Unlike candles, wax melts do not evaporate with use. Instead, their fragrance will die out, which lets you know that it's time to replace them.

If you are using Devon Wick's high-quality wax melts, you can receive about 12-18 hours of fragrance from just 2 cubes. So feel free to continue to use the wax for as long as the scent is still present.

What Can I Do with Leftover Wax Melts?

We mentioned earlier that once the scent is gone from your wax melts, that it's time to toss it and grab a new one.

But, what about reusing wax melts for other projects and purposes?

While many people believe you can create new melts or candles from used old ones, we do not recommend doing that. If you have reused your wax melts enough in the warmer, the scent will be long gone. Meaning you would not be making a candle or new melt that will add any fragrance to your home.

There are some other creative ways you can reuse wax melts in your home once the scent is gone.

Use Old Wax Melts as a Fire Starter

If you really want to use your old wax for a DIY project, you can use them as a fire starter. It can be used in a fireplace, a wood/charcoal grill, or a campfire. We don't recommend attempting to use the wax for any gas-powered stoves or fires. It's best to stick to using the wax for wood-powered fires.

If you opt to use the wax for a charcoal grill, you can simply grab the hardened wax and try to crumble it over the charcoal for a long-lasting fire.

As for a wood fire, you have 2 options to use the wax for kindling:

  1. Pine Cone firestarter
  2. Egg carton firestarter

If you go for a pine cone fire start you will need to find some pine cones, and melt your unscented wax down. You want to tie a wick around the pinecone for safe dipping into the pot where you melted your wax.

Then you can use the wick to dip the pinecone into the melted wax. After dipping, you should place the cone onto parchment or wax paper. This will make sure that the pine cone won't completely stick to the paper and will allow it to harden.

Once dried, you should dip the cones again to make sure that it is entirely covered in wax. Allow them to cool again, and you'll have the perfect kindling for a wood-based fire.

As for the egg carton firestarters, you will need an empty egg carton, some lint, and leftover wax. Simply fill each compartment with lint, and pour hot wax on top once done. When you are ready, break off a compartment and use it to start a fire.

Remember to be very careful when pouring the hot wax, and use your best judgment.

Fix that Jammed Drawer

A much simpler DIY project you can do with used wax is fixing a stuck drawer. You know, that one drawer that you have a hard time opening and closing?

You can take the old wax and rub it against the slide, the part that allows the drawer to open and close.

Create Cute Envelope Seals

If you have some envelope stamps lying around, why not reuse the wax to create an elegant seal?

You can use the open flame method by placing the old wax onto a spoon and heating it up over a candle flame. Let it melt, gently pour the wax onto the envelope, and close it shut with a seal stamp.

Make your Shoelaces Like New Again

If you have a pair of shoes that you have used for a while, sometimes the laces will get frayed. You can fix the frays by dripping melted wax onto the tips and rubbing it between your fingers. This will seal the frays together and make lacing up your shoes easy again.

To Make Jewelry

Have you ever tried to make a bracelet and had a hard time pushing the beads through the string? Or worse, had the string start to fray on you?

A little melted wax can solve that problem easily. You can dip a little of the wax onto the ends of the string which will allow the beads to slip right through.

To Decorate

Another way to recycle wax cubes is by melting and molding them into creative designs and shapes. You can create unique decor pieces that you can place around the house.

Or you can use the wax for furnishings that you would like to reinvent, like a vase. Melt the wax and have fun creating patterns on exterior surfaces like glass or plastic.

Make Small Spaces Smell Great

Obviously, you know that wax melts can make any home smell delicious once you use a wax warmer. But, if you have some scented wax that is about to run out of fragrance you can use it without having to melt it.

Take the leftover wax, put it inside a cloth, and place it inside your closet. This can allow the scent to diffuse and make each time you open your closet doors an aromatic experience.

Be Creative

While we listed quite a few different things you can do with old wax, there are definitely a lot more. Let your creative side shine and find a new project you can use the wax for.

How to Prepare the Leftover Wax

If you are ready to use the old wax for a new project, you have 3 ways of doing so:

  1. Melting method
  2. Freezing method
  3. Boiling water method

With the melting method, simply turn on your wax warmer. Once the wax is melted, you can use it for your DIY projects.

You can also place your wax warmer in the freezer. This will allow the wax to harden so you can easily grab it off of the dish in one piece.

If you want to use the boiling water method, you'll need a double boiler. Fill the larger pan with water and the smaller one with the wax. Boil the water to melt the wax and you are ready to go.

Benefits of Reusing Wax Melts

Why would you even want to reuse wax melts? Once the fragrance runs out, the wax is usually thrown away and never to be seen again. By repurposing it, you are using the material to the fullest extent and being eco-friendly.

It also provides a fun craft to do with family and friends. So why not do something good for the environment and have fun while doing it?

What is the best way to store wax melts?

Wax melts should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or heat. We recommend not storing them in the kitchen near an oven or stovetop to avoid the possibility of them melting.

It's also best to not stock unpackaged wax melts on top of each other. You want to preserve the scent of each wax melt and if you stack them, the fragrances may mix.

What are the Longest Lasting Wax Melts?

If you are looking for longest-lasting wax melts on the market, Devon Wick is your shop.

Due to Devon Wick's attention to detail and strive to create the highest-quality melts, theirs last for up to 60-90 hours. Enjoy a luxury fragrance experience in your home while burning the best soy wax melts available.

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