Snow Pixie Car Air Freshener Refill Bottle

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Fill your car with the beautiful Snow Pixie fragrance. These air freshener scents will lift your mood on all car journeys.

Save money with 3 for £10 on any car air freshener refill bottles.

Simply add your fragrance of choice inside the air vent clip and allow your car to smell as good as your home, guaranteed to become your favourite travelling companion.

A magical, vibrant, sweet and fruity scent. With notes of bubblegum, banana, pear drops, musk and vanilla!

You will receive 1 absorption pad with each fragrance bottle.

Bottle size: 10ml

How to use: Soak the fragrance from the bottle into the cross pad and place it into the vent clip.

Do not overfill. Wash the affected area if any liquid scent spills on your hand or car whilst filling the absorption pad and air vent clip.

Please note: Air vent clip is not included. Sold separately here.

Snow Pixie Car Air Freshener Refill Bottle


Customer Reviews

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Carmel J

Smells so lush!

My car smells amazing!

Love the smell of Snow Pixie, my car has never smelt better. Easy to refill the pad with the oil and last a while as long as you add more drops 15-20, take your time and allow it to soak in before adding more. When driving along I open the vent for a while to push the smell through the car since it’s got cooler.

Love it!

I was bought this as a gift as I love the scent.
Ok, the negatives first, it’s not as strong as expected if instructions are followed and as it’s a vent clip, you will only smell it when air con is on.
Saying that, if you add more drops, at least 15-20, it’s gorgeous. I add about 10 or so, let it soak and then add another 10, works great. I’ve had it a month now and refilled for the first time today. Very cost effective as even with using this much, the bottle will last a long time.
Definitely recommend with these adjustments.

Hannah H
Can’t smell it🤷🏻‍♀️

I love the snow pixie scent in a candle and hoped the car freshener was going to be the same, unfortunately I could hardly smell it. I would suggest putting way more than is suggested on the pad if you want more than a slight scent.

Susan Dickson
Car Air freshner

Thought this was going yo be good but I was wrong. Can't smell it in my car and I soak the pad with the oil. Very disappointed!