Rhubarb & Custard Car Air Freshener Refill Bottle

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Fill your car with the beautiful Rhubarb & Custard fragrance. These air freshener scents will lift your mood on all car journeys.

Save money with 3 for £10 on any car air freshener refill bottles.

Simply add your fragrance of choice inside the air vent clip and allow your car to smell as good as your home, guaranteed to become your favourite travelling companion.

Remember the red and yellow sweet you enjoyed as a kid? Well, our Rhubarb & Custard scent is identical to them, full of sweet vanilla fragrance.

You will receive 1 absorption pad with each fragrance bottle.

Bottle size: 10ml

How to use: Soak the fragrance from the bottle into the cross pad and place it into the vent clip.

Do not overfill. Wash the affected area if any liquid scent spills on your hand or car whilst filling the absorption pad and air vent clip.

Please note: Air vent clip is not included. Sold separately here.

Rhubarb & Custard Car Air Freshener Refill Bottle


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stuart Evans
Very nice

Great product

Roxanne E
Nice smell

Smells nice in the bottle but I can't really smell it in the air freshener in my car :(

Natasha Sutton
Fruity and refreshing scent.

Now, I absolutely love DW products. I was hoping to replace my very expensive USA branded product with this one.
The vent clip is simple, easy to use and non descript (unlike my fancy American ones). However, these aren't minus points, not at all. I wanted something smaller and non descript!
When I first added the recommended drops on the little disc, I knew I would love it. I have this fragrance in wax melts and it is divine.
The next morning however, I was a little disappointed. I thought the car would be filled with the scent, but no.
I decided to add the same amount of drops again and I then had the effect that I was after. It's worth persevering to get exactly the scent level which is right for you- which is why this is such a good car air freshener. Some people like a strong scent, others a lighter one- you make it to how YOU like it.
Ty DW, another great product.