Nag Champa Snap Bar

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Nag Champa is a creamy, rich sandalwood scent combined with the magic of frankincense, geranium and slight hits of rosewood. The middle is toned by roses and a hint of lilac, all resting beautifully on sandalwood, patchouli, cedarwood and oriental amber.

Our snap wax bars typically give 60-90 hours of fragrance!

We recommend you use two squares at a time which lasts 12-18 hours.

That's only 50p!

Our melts are long lasting and strongly scented, so you'll be receiving compliments on how amazing your home smells!

Nag Champa Snap Bar

£2.50 £3.00

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Burgoine
Nag Champa

One of my absolute favourite scents and quite hard to track down anywhere else in a melt. It’s fairly strong, yet relaxing, and it’s quite long lasting. I asked a while back if it would be back in stock so I was really chuffed when I saw it again… thank you!

Laura Simmonds

Smells amazing and really is long lasting, now one of my favourite sents to use.

Dawn Foster

I have incense sticks of this so I thought I would try the melts..amazing smell that’s why I’m ordering more 😂 fab melts

Perfect , delightful and embracing

Wouldn't have ever thought I would use those three words for a wax melt bar but here I am ! Nag champa is a foirm favourite of mine when using jostix, having upgraded to a burner I missed that fragrance and quite a few more , Devon wick fulfill that need so well I bought tons 😀 easy 5 stars 🌟

carol davis
Nag champa

My partner loves this one, I liked it to, strong smell, I love strong smelling ones