Nag Champa Snap Bar

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Nag Champa is a creamy, rich sandalwood scent combined with the magic of frankincense, geranium and slight hits of rosewood. The middle is toned by roses and a hint of lilac, all resting beautifully on sandalwood, patchouli, cedarwood and oriental amber.

Our snap wax bars typically give 60-90 hours of fragrance!

We recommend you use two squares at a time which lasts 12-18 hours.

That's only 50p!

Our melts are long-lasting and strongly scented, so you'll be receiving compliments on how amazing your home smells!

Nag Champa Snap Bar

£2.50 £3.00

Customer Reviews

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Helen lawrence
Lovely scent

One of my favourite snap bars, the fragrance is strong and lasts ages. A must buy in our house.

Paula Noble
Nag Champa

Hello it is a very pleasant fragrance - a little more subtle and understated than some of the Christmas 'flavoured' wax melts that I purchased which I really loved. I really wanted the Myrrh and Frankincense wax melt but they had been sold out and was looking for something woody and somewhat resembling church incenses and I thought the Nag Champa might fill that spot but unfortunately it did not. It was very pleasant but not quite what I wanted and did not have so much impact as I was looking for.

Claire Patchitt
Nag Champa

I used to burn Nag Champa jos sticks and since getting a wax burner haven't been too happy with a lot of the waxes as they tend to be a bit too perfumed for me. However, since finding the Nag Champa from Devon Wicks, these are a perfect replacement without all the smoke that jos sticks give out! I am really pleased with the smell the wax gives out and they last for hours. I will certainly buy more from Devon Wicks and look forward to trying some of their Patchouli based ones being an 'old' hippy at heart! They were quickly despatched and nicely packaged - what more can I say? A happy customer....

Charlotte Fleming
Doesn’t smell like nag champa

I love Nag Champa usually but this one doesn’t smell like any thing other than a ginger bread type smell which is very very strong. I don’t know if the wrong bar has been put in the wrong packaging but this definitely isn’t nag champa. It does however smell very strongly of a gingerbread/baking scent.

Excellent wax melts

Bought a few wax melts, all smell really good , excellent prices and delivery was very quick too.
Would definitely recommend .