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Halloween Full Snap Bar Collection Pack 2023

Halloween Full Snap Bar Collection Pack 2023

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Grab our whole 2023 Halloween Collection!

Get the whole collection for just £2/snap bar with this collection! Also included via drop-down are our NEW themed Melters at a discounted price!


 Haunted House
Step into the chilling embrace of the Haunted House, where the air is thick with an otherworldly fragrance that sends shivers down your spine. A sinister symphony of aromas awaits, as sweet and juicy elements of autumnal fruits and berries blend with the ominous notes of blackcurrant and dark plum. Citrus undertones of orange and lemon slice through the darkness like a knife, revealing fleeting glimpses of lurking shadows. But don't be deceived by these ethereal lights, for the sweetness of vanilla cloaks a deeper, more malevolent presence. Each whiff is a journey into the heart of Halloween itself, a reminder that even in the most delightful scents, a haunting terror can emerge, lingering like a ghostly whisper on your skin.

Forest of Shadows
Venture into the heart of the Forest of Shadows, where the air is thick with an intoxicating aroma that awakens primal fears. A heady concoction of woods beckons, as cedar, patchouli, pine, and vetiver unite in an eerie dance. Their presence is supported by the haunting herbaceous whispers of lavender, while subtle hints of rosemary add an unsettling twist. Yet, it's the earthy base of incense, labdanum, and precious amber that anchors this fragrance in a realm beyond the living. As each note unfolds, you're transported deeper into the enigmatic embrace of this scent, a reminder that even in the depths of nature, a veil of darkness can shroud your senses, leaving you to navigate the Forest of Shadows with trepidation.


Poisoned Apple
"Come closer, my dear, it's just an apple," A hauntingly sweet fragrance envelops the air—a cursed concoction that mingles the aroma of baked red apples with a syrupy, almost sickly candy note, woven with subtle threads of wicked spice. As the scent deepens, it reveals its true nature, resting on a base of warm, sweet vanilla and musk, a bewitching elixir that ensnares your senses.


Ghostly Fairground
Step right up to the Ghostly Fairground, a place where the essence of Halloween comes alive in a vibrant scent. Imagine the laughter of playful spirits and the dance of mischievous ghosts as you inhale the exhilarating blend of spicy cardamom, cinnamon, and clove notes that fill the air like a bewitching spell. Autumn fruits like apples, plums, figs, and cassis join the spectral gathering, infusing the atmosphere with a fruity sweetness reminiscent of Halloween treats. As you journey deeper, the base notes of cedarwood and amber, along with whispers of damp earth and moss, transport you to a moonlit carnival where the real and supernatural intertwine. A touch of vanilla leaves you with a lingering sense of enchantment, capturing the heart of a Halloween night that's all treats and thrills at the Ghostly Fairground.


Pumpkin Carving
As you wield your carving knife, the air becomes a symphony of sweet and delicious aromas. Creamy pumpkin, the very essence of the season, dances with the fruity allure of juicy raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry. A touch of cherry, apple, lemon, and orange adds a mischievous twist, as if the fruits themselves are conspiring in the magic. And oh, the base! Cinnamon and clove emerge like spells cast, infusing the fragrance with an extra dose of enchantment and spice. Close your eyes, and you'll feel the flickering candlelight, hear the laughter of fellow carvers, and sense the Halloween spirit come alive in every note of Pumpkin Carving

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