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Before we tell you the details of OUR BIGGEST SALE EVER we want you to travel back to 2019 with us….
Devon Wick's humble beginning 

After two months of hard work, we sold our first candle in October 2019. Can you believe that during this time we only had 6 scents to choose from? It was just the two of us working from our small 250 sq ft workspace, but quickly we expanded. We moved our operation to our current unit in May 2020 and have been in this large industrial warehouse for just over a year. While we love this location, things are starting to feel a bit cramped again.

Having said that, we have decided to move AGAIN. This new warehouse we have been working towards will allow us to produce more scents and expand into different ranges of products. Here’s a look of how we went from our tiny workspace to the new 10,000 sqft warehouse:

small 250square foot wax melt office          large industrial warehouse

Our need for a SALE

Why are we sharing this? Because we want to completely empty the current warehouse!

We’re asking for your help to clear out our stock so that we can have a smoother transition when moving to our newest location.

How can you help us? By doing what you already do best- MELT!

To help move our products out of the warehouse we are offering our biggest SALE ever. There will never be a sale this big again, not even on Black Friday!

Help us clear out the warehouse with 40% OFF ALL WAX!
You read that correctly- ALL WAX IS 40% OFF. Enjoy this mega discount on snap bars, wax tubs, and soy candles! With the discount code you can take advantage of these savings Friday 30/07/21 at 07:00 to Sunday 01/08/21 at 23:59.

Here’s a chart of what the savings will look like:

40% off savings chart

This sale is only going to last for TWO DAYS so we’ve brainstormed all our tips to give you the best chance of making the most of our largest sale ever.

Our Best Tips on Navigating the Summer Sale

1. Start Filling your Basket

We still have two days until the sale officially begins, but the time to start browsing is now! We have over 135 scents to choose from… well that is before anything sells out. Start building your wish-list and scoping out all our products now, so when the sale starts you are already good to checkout with your secured goods.

2. Get the Code

To take advantage of this 40% off sale you will need to receive the discount code. This code will be posted on our social media and emailed to our subscribers Friday morning. Be sure you are following our Facebook, Instagram, and subscribed to the emails so you do not miss this essential part of the clearance.

3. Checkout as Early as Possible

The sale will start at 7am on Friday, and end at 11:59pm on Sunday.  While you do have a weekend of shopping, we cannot guarantee that you’re favourite wax won’t sell out. If you start your shopping on Friday morning you will have a much better chance of securing your order rather than if you were to checkout Sunday night. Also, the earlier you order the sooner your goodies will be on their way to you!

Happy Melting!

We are so excited for the next chapter of Devon Wick and are so thankful for the support you've given us to get there. Enjoy the clearance weekend and we can't wait to see what new products you try with your discounts!
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